Monday, May 16, 2011

So here's what I've been up to...

It's been awhile, but life gets crazy, so hey. I wanted to talk about some projects that I have brought to fruition recently, very proud of this work.

This first item here is a Vintage Jonathan Livingston embroidery project kit that I found in a thrift store in DC. It came with all the ingredients to complete a throw pillow, but seeing as how I am not the throw pillow type (they always end up on the floor, and this was too pretty) I hung it on the wall instead. It reminded me of Florida, the pattern has a beautiful seagull sailing thru it.
I actually finished the image really quickly because I was so excited about it. I added the crowns as the border to finish the look a little since it wouldn't become a pillow. The hardest part was finding the right frame for this piece. I knew it had to be square, but the size was a little funky (about 13"x13"). But alas, we found it and it almost completes the needlepoint wall of our apartment. (i'll post pics of this when it is finally full)

Next item on the agenda is a painting that I finished a little while back. I was strolling thru williamsburg last summer when I found an amazing vintage paint by numbers with a majestic peacock on it. I snapped a photo with my phone, but couldn't afford the price tag. This winter I painstakingly mimicked the original paint by numbers in my own style. Its pretty close to the original and I just love the way it came out. 

Moving on. Some of you may know that I have a deep appreciation for Terrariums. Since last summer I have gotten more serious about actually creating these beauties. I started small scale and made some fun mini-terrariums as christmas gifts. I have since heard back that they really weren't the easiest to maintain. I think this is because of the air circulation. The whole beauty behind terrariums is that they are self sustaining and need little maintenance. The layer of charcoal and gravel beneath the soil allows for proper drainage and purification of the water within the enclosed container. This past winter I made myself a large terrarium when I finally found the right vessel and it is flourishing, seriously. I brought all of these plants back with me from my trip to Florida this past February. It is a mix of succulents and random plants that I harvested from my parents and their neighbors. It makes me so happy to look at this everyday. I think that the real trick with a successful terrarium is having enough space (air flow) inside your habitat for the filtering to take place. The picture is a little foggy because of the moisture inside the jar, it was a sunny day.

Ok, thats enough for now. Hope you enjoyed. Be back soon.