Friday, October 28, 2011


I have this lonely looking basket of wearable pieces that I have completed over the Summer and haven't listed yet. My problem is photographing them. The mannequins and forms I have aren't in the best condition... or I made them look creepy because I have covered them in yarn circles and left it unfinished. Anyways, I came up with this great idea to invite some girlfriends over for a photoshoot party! I am gonna get some wine and candy and we can play with makeup and hair. I think it will be really fun and a great way to showcase these pieces.

I am really starting to understand how essential the photos you present are to communicating what your work is really like. Its an artform I really didnt give enough thought to until recently. Eye opening. I've always admired great photos and and I guess I never really stopped to think about what made them great photos.

I tried taking pictures of the head warmers and scarves and they just looks so flat and sad laying on a table, I wouldn't even want them! So wish me luck, hopefully after the spooky dust of halloween settles I can find some time to get my beautiful friends together for this photo shoot! Pictures to come soon!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Plastic Doilies!

One of the things I like most about creating doilies is the different textures and fabrics that result in completely unique pieces. Do you remember making lanyards and key chains as a kid using gimp, that plastic lace that comes in every color imaginable. Rexlace. Amazing!

I purchased a bunch of different colors and got to work.

I really like the color change pattern. I made up that pattern as I went and I think it came out pretty cool. I will take some more shots tomorrow.

Etsy holiday revamp!!

So I have been pretty busy with a new job and a crazy commute to Morningside Heights!!  But I am making an effort this weekend to post some finished things and revamp my Etsy shop for the holiday season. I joined the success email and an Etsy Team called Upcyclers. It seemed like a pretty good fit.

I have so many projects started that I need to finish, but first I need to get organized. I am still working on that, but this week I read a bunch of really helpful websites with tips for taking better pictures. I am determined to update my photos in the shop and really show some great things. This afternoon I had a really successful photo shoot with a new tripod and some amazing light. I am really happy with the new shots and am feverishly updating the shop. I also figured out how to track keywords more effectively and some strategies for ranking higher in searches. All great tips I found from the Upcycler blogs tool box! These are some of the shots I am really pleased with.

Monday, September 26, 2011

GlitterPony Booth at the Williamsburg Flea

I have been really trying to push myself this summer to get my doily rugs exposed to new audiences. I decided to try doing some art markets and fleas. Well with finicky New York summer weather, I have missed many opportunities when outdoor flea markets get rained out. And hurricanes don't help the cause.

I decided to try taking a booth space at the Astoria market in the Bohemian Hall that is attached to the Beer Gardens, mostly because it was indoors and wouldn't be rained out. I participated in this Artisan Market about  month ago and it was quite a learning experience. Labor day weekend was a bit of a lack luster turnout, but it was really great to see all of my pieces in a new space. Spending money on a car there and back seemed really anti-prodctive to making a profit. I figured maybe bringing less stuff and being able to transport on the train is the way to go for next time.

This past month I have had the fortunate weather to participate in the Williamsburg Flea a few times. I have shared a booth with Warner and Black (aka, Fag and Hag) who will be featured in Time Out New York in two weeks! Their amazing style is so inspiring to be around,  90's vintage, Candy Canyon prints. We have had really fun days at the park. We are hoping to take a space at the Fort Green Flea Market in a couple weekends. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dino Planters!

We just took a vacation to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, so beautiful and so nice to spend some time in the sand to kick off this summer. These Dinosaur planters were the beach project of choice. I have to be honest and admit that I saw something similar to this online and was so in love I had to try to make it myself. I put the plastic toys in the sun for a little bit so the plastic became more malleable. Then I just cut out some holes in the backs and filled the head and tail with hardening foam so that there would be a cavity for the plant to go in. Enjoy the photo shoot!

The pink plants were a little to big to do well in the dino planters, so I have removed them and am trying to figure out another succulent to put in their place. The succulent is thriving, its aptly named "lizard."

Monday, May 16, 2011

So here's what I've been up to...

It's been awhile, but life gets crazy, so hey. I wanted to talk about some projects that I have brought to fruition recently, very proud of this work.

This first item here is a Vintage Jonathan Livingston embroidery project kit that I found in a thrift store in DC. It came with all the ingredients to complete a throw pillow, but seeing as how I am not the throw pillow type (they always end up on the floor, and this was too pretty) I hung it on the wall instead. It reminded me of Florida, the pattern has a beautiful seagull sailing thru it.
I actually finished the image really quickly because I was so excited about it. I added the crowns as the border to finish the look a little since it wouldn't become a pillow. The hardest part was finding the right frame for this piece. I knew it had to be square, but the size was a little funky (about 13"x13"). But alas, we found it and it almost completes the needlepoint wall of our apartment. (i'll post pics of this when it is finally full)

Next item on the agenda is a painting that I finished a little while back. I was strolling thru williamsburg last summer when I found an amazing vintage paint by numbers with a majestic peacock on it. I snapped a photo with my phone, but couldn't afford the price tag. This winter I painstakingly mimicked the original paint by numbers in my own style. Its pretty close to the original and I just love the way it came out. 

Moving on. Some of you may know that I have a deep appreciation for Terrariums. Since last summer I have gotten more serious about actually creating these beauties. I started small scale and made some fun mini-terrariums as christmas gifts. I have since heard back that they really weren't the easiest to maintain. I think this is because of the air circulation. The whole beauty behind terrariums is that they are self sustaining and need little maintenance. The layer of charcoal and gravel beneath the soil allows for proper drainage and purification of the water within the enclosed container. This past winter I made myself a large terrarium when I finally found the right vessel and it is flourishing, seriously. I brought all of these plants back with me from my trip to Florida this past February. It is a mix of succulents and random plants that I harvested from my parents and their neighbors. It makes me so happy to look at this everyday. I think that the real trick with a successful terrarium is having enough space (air flow) inside your habitat for the filtering to take place. The picture is a little foggy because of the moisture inside the jar, it was a sunny day.

Ok, thats enough for now. Hope you enjoyed. Be back soon.