Monday, September 26, 2011

GlitterPony Booth at the Williamsburg Flea

I have been really trying to push myself this summer to get my doily rugs exposed to new audiences. I decided to try doing some art markets and fleas. Well with finicky New York summer weather, I have missed many opportunities when outdoor flea markets get rained out. And hurricanes don't help the cause.

I decided to try taking a booth space at the Astoria market in the Bohemian Hall that is attached to the Beer Gardens, mostly because it was indoors and wouldn't be rained out. I participated in this Artisan Market about  month ago and it was quite a learning experience. Labor day weekend was a bit of a lack luster turnout, but it was really great to see all of my pieces in a new space. Spending money on a car there and back seemed really anti-prodctive to making a profit. I figured maybe bringing less stuff and being able to transport on the train is the way to go for next time.

This past month I have had the fortunate weather to participate in the Williamsburg Flea a few times. I have shared a booth with Warner and Black (aka, Fag and Hag) who will be featured in Time Out New York in two weeks! Their amazing style is so inspiring to be around,  90's vintage, Candy Canyon prints. We have had really fun days at the park. We are hoping to take a space at the Fort Green Flea Market in a couple weekends. Wish me luck!