Friday, October 28, 2011


I have this lonely looking basket of wearable pieces that I have completed over the Summer and haven't listed yet. My problem is photographing them. The mannequins and forms I have aren't in the best condition... or I made them look creepy because I have covered them in yarn circles and left it unfinished. Anyways, I came up with this great idea to invite some girlfriends over for a photoshoot party! I am gonna get some wine and candy and we can play with makeup and hair. I think it will be really fun and a great way to showcase these pieces.

I am really starting to understand how essential the photos you present are to communicating what your work is really like. Its an artform I really didnt give enough thought to until recently. Eye opening. I've always admired great photos and and I guess I never really stopped to think about what made them great photos.

I tried taking pictures of the head warmers and scarves and they just looks so flat and sad laying on a table, I wouldn't even want them! So wish me luck, hopefully after the spooky dust of halloween settles I can find some time to get my beautiful friends together for this photo shoot! Pictures to come soon!

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