Saturday, October 22, 2011

Etsy holiday revamp!!

So I have been pretty busy with a new job and a crazy commute to Morningside Heights!!  But I am making an effort this weekend to post some finished things and revamp my Etsy shop for the holiday season. I joined the success email and an Etsy Team called Upcyclers. It seemed like a pretty good fit.

I have so many projects started that I need to finish, but first I need to get organized. I am still working on that, but this week I read a bunch of really helpful websites with tips for taking better pictures. I am determined to update my photos in the shop and really show some great things. This afternoon I had a really successful photo shoot with a new tripod and some amazing light. I am really happy with the new shots and am feverishly updating the shop. I also figured out how to track keywords more effectively and some strategies for ranking higher in searches. All great tips I found from the Upcycler blogs tool box! These are some of the shots I am really pleased with.

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