Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doily Rug Part 2 - Squared

I just finished one of the rugs that I started out of the muslin fabric. It is much lighter weight than the canvas and works up differently. I cant even remember how many times I tore this rug out while working on the pattern, it lays so differently than the canvas and kept ruffling out till I simplified the pattern. I really should have kept track of what I was doing, because I came out with this square shape and I kinda love it.It measures just over 4.5' diagonally across, and just under 4' across the middle.

I am debating on whether or not to add another round and refine the shape a bit more. I also tried something new with this rug... I used my fingers to crochet it instead of the big blue hook. It was kind of a fun process and I liked how much looser the stitches were, but then I got tired of doing that, so the last row with all of the long stitches was done with the hook.

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