Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doily Rugs

So I was very pleased with the way the large doily rug came out and I have been playing with some new materials and ideas.

The original one was done with 3 9'x12' canvas drop clothes torn into strips and then worked into a doily pattern that I created as I went. I tried using a pattern but the scale really didn't lay right with the canvas. The canvas was an experiment to see if I could even do it... but what I really wanted to do was make one with rope (cotton or manila) but I couldn't justify the cost of rope without knowing it would work... and now, I just cant afford the rope. (but if you know anywhere I could get my hands on massive amounts of 3/4" rope please do let me know)

I have been trying to make an effort to work with the materials that I have access to, and I just cleaned out our storage space and found so much bedding left behind by old roommates that needed a good use, so....

 I love love love this light blue/gray one... its made of an old jersey sheet, that was so frustrating to rip into strips but the result is so wonderful, it feels amazing under your feet.
I figured out that I can get about a 2.5' rug from a full size sheet, so I thought these were just perfect for a small bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. And so much quicker to make than the big rugs.

Just listed on Etsy yesterday blue rug  & colorful rug w/ border

I also got a great deal on a bolt of muslin that has been good to me. I am working on a few rugs with this material now. It is much easier to rip into strips than the canvas was... and much lighter. I think it feels better under the feet, but I am still figuring out how to work with it. more to come with that...

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  1. the longest part of this process is ripping the fabric into strips, i really would love to work with something that is spooled and ready to go...