Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pineapple Doily Rug v2.0

I finally did my taxes AND finished the second rug that I started with the muslin today!! I tried this rug with the same pattern that the original canvas doily rug was made out of, but ofcourse it wasn't that simple. The muslin is a much lighter weight material and I was able to do a much more detailed pattern this time around (and I kept track of it).

I had to work the circle to a larger circumference so that I could fit the pineapples around it. There are 9 pineapples total with a cluster stitch border. The rug measures just over 6.5 feet through the middle. I am so happy with the end result!    :)

I haven't listed it on Etsy yet, I'd like to keep it for a little bit and pull it out to look at it every week...

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