Monday, March 21, 2011

Sugaring Paste - trial and error

The weather is starting to get nice and the winter fuzz must go. Everyone has been talking to me about waxing instead of shaving... I hate shaving but I also don't think I can get into waxing, so I was researching some alternatives when I came across sugaring paste! I am so stoked on this, my first attempt at making the paste was an epic fail, I over cooked it and it was a huge mess to clean up (but the sugar paste is water soluble so soaking in hot water was easy enough).
It is so inexpensive to make the paste, all you need is 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup each of lemon juice and water. Cook this over very low heat in a thick saucepan.
The key is bringing it to a boil very slowly. You need to be attentive and stir often so the sugar won't burn. Once it boils the color will change from yellow to amber.
 I tested the paste every minute or so on a white plate, till it was the right color, then turn off the heat and wait about 10 minutes to transfer to a heat resistant container.
Once it is in the jar let it cool til its closer to room temperature so you don't burn yourself. The technique is a little bit tricky to master but I just looked up some videos to get the idea. You have to play with a chunk of the paste til you get it pliable and a bit warmed up. I thought it was really easy and not painful at all. It didn't get all of the hairs but I think it was more about the technique, so I will get better at it. No pictures of the process because my hands were all sticky! But it is super easy to clean up with just warm water.

I think it was a success and I cant wait to put my razor away this summer!


  1. So you rub the paste on your legs and scrub?? By scrubbing it exfoliates the hair off?

  2. Well, I think it is actually more like waxing... the paste is like a sticky mass and when you rub it on it sticks to the hairs, but you pull it off in the direction of hair growth so its not painful at all, and surprisingly not messy, it sticks to itself so well, you just have to get the consistency right. The video kinda shows the process, but the link below was very helpful